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Before punk, way back in the seventies, reviewers used to judge albums on their technical merit - on whether or not they were well played. Well, by those retro standards, this retro-sounding album is great; the three-piece band are proficient, and as tight as a ballerina's arse. By any other standards, however, this one is a dog. Planet sounds like. . . well, Cream on an off day, quite frankly, or some dodgy prog-rock band from the early seventies, hopelessly trying to sound 'with it' by trying to ape The Stone Roses. Somebody somewhere, should have told Planet that it is really not enough to come up with some 'polution-is-horrid-and-we-really-should-stop-driving- cars' type lyrics, and told them to concentrate on writing songs. There is not one stand-out track, and the pity of it is that Planet are fronted by Graham Day, of ex-Prisoners almost fame, who really should know better. The drummer sounds a bit like Reni,but these songs are so weak that not one of them would have made it onto 'The Second Coming', difficult as it might seem to believe. By all means plunder your dad's record collection for inspiration; but in future, try listening to something that was inspired in the first place.

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